For the last few months at Soflyy we've been painstakingly examining WP All Import for ways to make it easier to use, more reliable, and more efficient.

Today, we're proud to announce the release of WP All Import 3.3.

New Record Matching section

Updating your existing imports and merging data in an XML/CSV file into existing posts is now much easier. We vastly simplified the user interface, and added more powerful and flexible options.

Want to learn about the new record matching section? We have Documentation for that now!

Massive Performance Enhancements

Changes to the way WP All Import processes has resulted in massive performance improvements. WP All Import can now import files larger than ever before. Think your file is too big? Think again - try our live demo.

See the Import Processing documentation for details on how to use these settings.



- Session conflicts with other plugins;
- Error when cURL is disabled on the server (in 3.2 version on some servers disabled cURL caused crashes);
- Duplication of child categories (in 3.2 import had been creating duplicates for child categories);
- Dates in import according to time setting in WP admin;
- Bug with import of variable product with variations presented as a child elements;
- XPath fixes;
- Re-run import of CSV files in ZIP;
- Continue import;
- Cron functionality;
- Import of Custom Fields for new records;
- “Import specified records” option;


- FTP import option now in Settings and disabled by default;
- Added option to set Post Status with XPath (the value of presented XPath should be one of the following: publish, draft, trash)
- option "Download Images":
When this option is enabled, WP All Import downloads images into the Uploads folder.
When this option is disabled, WP All Import searches for matches of files from feed with files in the current upload subfolder, fox example: /wp-content/uploads/2013/11 When image from feed has no match, then WP All Import will attempt to download it from the URL.
- New record matching logic. It is easy to update everything or to choose what should be updated using more flexible options:
- Excerpt/short description
- Menu order
- Dates
- Instead of searching for fields names, Attributes, Custom Fields, Taxonomies now have  dropdowns list to choose needed fields to save or to update (depends on Update only these or Leave these... options). Also it is possible to enter them manually.
- Delete posts that are no longer present in your file now has new option: Do not remove Images.
- It is possible to rotate and look over all variations for each product, when variation presented as a child elements;
- WP All Import can read now .zip files when they even contain other types of files;
- Preview navigation and possibility to type number of record that should be shown in feed review on Step 3 and 4;- Functionality for chunk removing. WP All Import will delete, after import, all chunk files to prevent overloading with unneeded data;
- Fast import functionality: impressive improvements of parsing and importing.
- Redesign and changes in Import Processing Section on Step 4:
1) Option for high speed import of small files;
2) Option for faster import of large feeds;
3) Option for splitting up file into record chunks;
4) Increasing speed option by disabling do_action call in wp_insert_post during import.