We're happy to announce the release of the Toolset Add-On. It works just like the ACF Add-On, allowing you to drag and drop from your import file into fields created by Toolset Types.

The add-on is included in a variety of Pro Packages, and is available for purchase at a discount for customers who own a license for WP All Import Pro.

You can read more about the Toolset Add-On here: https://www.wpallimport.com/toolset-types-import-csv-xml/

Existing customers can purchase the Toolset Add-On at a discount here: https://www.wpallimport.com/portal/discounts/

Here's the improvements made in v1 compared to the beta:

Toolset Add-On Pro v1.0
  • improvement: add support for appending images
  • improvement: add support for post reference field
  • improvement: add support for intermediary posts
  • improvement: add support for image galleries
  • improvement: add support for repeating fields
  • improvement: add support for repeatable groups
  • improvement: add support for Wysiwyg field
  • improvement: improve logging when importing relationship fields
  • improvement: add option to control when relationship fields are updated
  • improvement: use new Toolset API - Requires Types 3.4.1+
  • bug fix: 'leave these toolset types fields alone' doesn't leave fields alone
  • bug fix: relationship fields import incorrectly
  • bug fix: existing relationships deleted when they should not be
  • bug fix: checkboxes field import incorrectly
  • bug fix: previous relationships are not deleted when importing new ones