Recommended Hosts

WP All Import is designed to work with any host. Usually, an inexpensive shared hosting plan is enough. Problems, however, can arise on large eCommerce sites with thousands of products, sites with large databases or a lot of images, or even small sites on a poorly managed shared hosting plan. So, we’ve tested many, many hosts to help make sense of things for you.

While many hosts work well with WP All Import, if you are looking for a specific recommendation Liquid Web and Nexcess work well with WP All Import.

Managed Hosting vs VPS Hosting

Managed Hosting: The hosting company has many sites from different customers all running on the same server inside the same operating system, competing for the same resources. Think of it like sharing a house with roommates. Everyone shares the same kitchen, living room, and bathroom. If the same person spends four hours a day showering or fills the refrigerator with their groceries, you’re going to have a problem. Like landlords, some shared hosts are better about mitigating these issues, but you are still sharing a bathroom with many other people.

VPS & Cloud Hosting: Sites from different customers are still running on the same server, but on separate operating systems, in virtual computers. Another piece of software called a hypervisor makes sure that each operating system always has the same amount of resources available to it. Think of it like living in an apartment complex. You still have a lot of neighbors technically living in the same building, but no matter how many people are taking a shower at the same time, yours is always available.

Dedicated Hosting: You are renting out an entire server and are not sharing it with anyone. This is overkill for the vast majority of sites, but if you need complete control over your hosting environment, then renting a dedicated server is a good option.

Imports & Server Resources

Imports require a lot of server resources, especially if you are importing a lot of data or have a large database. Hosting review sites cover speed, reliability, and customer service but rarely let you know which hosts will throttle your processing power or limit your SQL queries.

Some hosts will pack many customers into small, underpowered, servers. Sites that consume a lot of resources will eat up all of the available processing power, leaving none for you and your import. Alternatively, some hosts will proactively kill your import process to protect other people’s sites.

We’ve tested a lot of hosts and out of all of them, Liquid Web and Nexcess are the two we’ve had the best experiences with. Both are fastreliable, have well-reviewed 24/7 customer support, and work great with WP All Import.