Run WordPress Export on a Schedule

The Automatic Scheduling service allows you to set up exports with just a couple of clicks. Rather than setting up cron jobs on your server, you can set schedules directly within WP All Export. The Automatic Scheduling service will then contact your site at the scheduled time to run your exports, and check in to make sure they've completed correctly.

Automatic Scheduling vs Manual Scheduling

WP All Export offers two ways to schedule or automate exports. The first option is to manually create the cron jobs in the server. The second option is to use our paid Automatic Scheduling Service, which is integrated within WP All Export and doesn't require any setup.

This guide focuses on Automatic Scheduling.

Configure a Scheduled WordPress Export

To set up the Automatic Scheduling Service on an existing export, navigate to the Manage Exports page. Then, click on Scheduling Options › Automatic Scheduling:

The same Scheduling Options menu appears when creating a new export.

There you decide whether you'd like your export to run weekly or monthly. Then you select the days and times that you would like your export to run.

Sign Up for Automatic Scheduling

This service costs $9 USD per month, and allows for unlimited exports to run on an unlimited amount of sites. Subscribe to the Automatic Scheduling service.

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