There are two common reasons you might want to re-run an import:

  • You changed the import options, and want to run the import again to modify all the posts you already imported.
  • You have a new file with updated data, and you want to import that file “over” the previous import.

On the Manage Imports page, you can run an existing import again, or edit its settings.

Manage Imports Page

Click the Import Settings link to change the file source for the import. On the Import Settings page, you can upload a new file with new data to be used for future runs of the import, or you can specify a URL to where new files were continuously be placed.

Import Settings Page

You can also choose which data points to update if you don’t want to update everything. For example, maybe you only want to update the post title, images, and some Custom Fields, and leave everything else alone.

Choose which data to update