How To Export Gravity Forms Entries to CSV or XML

To export Gravity Forms entries, go to All Export › New Export, click Gravity Forms Entries and select the form to export entries from. Next, drag and drop the elements on the right to build your CSV or XML export file, then run the export to create the export.

Step 1: Select Gravity Forms Entries to Export

First, go to All Export › New Export and choose to export Gravity Forms Entries. Then, select from which form to export the entries from and click Customize Export File to continue.

Step 2: Customise Your Gravity Forms Entries Export File

The Gravity Forms entry data is found in the Available Data section. Drag and drop the data elements from right to left to add them to your export file.

This data is divided into the following sections: Entry Data, Entry Notes, and Entry Meta.

Entry Data:

Basic Gravity Forms Entry Data is in Available Data › Entry Data:

  • ID: The entry ID, a unique number assigned to each entry.
  • Date Created: The date when the entry was submitted.
  • Date Updated: The date when the entry was last updated.
  • Starred: If the entry was starred, exports 1, otherwise, exports 0.
  • Read: If the entry was seen/read, exports 1, otherwise, exports 0.
  • IP: The internet protocol address of the entry author.
  • Source URL: The web address where the entry was submitted.
  • User Agent: Information on which browser the entry author was using.
  • Currency: The currency for the site.
  • Payment Status: Information on the payment status.
  • Payment Date: The date when the payment was made.
  • Payment Amount.
  • Payment Method.
  • Transaction ID.
  • Is Fulfilled.
  • Created by User ID: The ID of the user account which created the entry, if any.
  • Transaction Type:
  • Status.
  • Form Title: The title of the form where the entry was submitted.
  • Created by Username: The username of the user account which created the entry, if any.

Entry Notes:

Notes for the entry can be found under Available Data › Entry Notes. The following fields can be found:

  • Note Username: Name of the account that made the note.
  • Note User ID.
  • Note Date Created: When the note was made.
  • Note Value: Message from the note.
  • Note Type.
  • Note Sub Type.

Entry Meta:

The main entry information is found under Available Data › Entry Meta. This will show all form fields added to the Gravity Form itself. In this example, we export a Gravity Form named "Contact Form" which has the following fields:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Message

Step 3: Download Your Exported Gravity Forms Entries

Once you've configured your Gravity Forms entries export, click Continue to verify your settings. When you're ready, click Confirm & Run Export.

After the export is done, you can download your Gravity Forms Entries export. You can download the export file directly, or you can download a Bundle. The Bundle contains your exported data and a settings file for WP All Import. Upload the Bundle to WP All Import on another site to quickly import these Gravity Form entries.