XML Format - WP All Import

XML Format

Simple XML Exports

WP All Export features a very simple drag and drop interface to create a custom XML feed. Drag your WordPress data from right to left. You can choose the exact data you want in your feed, the order that it is displayed, the names of the XML elements that contain the data, etc.

Simple XML View

Advanced, Custom XML Exports

For most use cases, a simple XML export will do just fine. However, sometimes you’ll need to create an XML feed to satisfy a very specific and complicated XML spec. That’s where our custom XML builder comes in. Using the same drag and drop interface and a simple, text based syntax you can build any XML feed.

Custom XML View

WP All Export will repeat the XML elements where there are multiple values for the exported data. For example, if there are multiple images, each image will be wrapped in <image> tags, like this:

Custom XML Preview