How to Export WooCommerce Products to Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center is as complicated as it is powerful. We dug through their documentation so you don’t have to, providing a simple and easy to understand interface to get the data you want in to Google. New exports come with sane defaults for all options, so you’ll only need to configure a handful of settings for most products.

Google Merchant Center Export View

Your export can be set to run as often as you like, so Google will always fetch an up to date product feed from your site. You can set up the export filters so that only the products you want are included in that feed. New products will be added, old products removed, and existing products updated.

Just like the rest of WP All Export, you can get exactly what you need exported from WooCommerce. Every Google attribute comes with sane defaults that can be overridden and replaced with any WordPress data, passed through a PHP function, replaced with a custom SQL query, etc.

Developer friendly, but you don’t have to be a developer to use it.