How to Send Exported WordPress Data to Zapier

Send your export file to 500+ apps with Zapier

Zapier acts as a middle man between WP All Export and hundreds of other popular apps. You can automatically add export files to Dropbox or Google Drive, email them somewhere with Gmail, or anything else you can think of.

Check out the full list of apps:

How does it work?

Go to, create an account, and make a new Zap. Then select WP All Export as the trigger app and whatever you want as the action app.

When an export is successfully completed WP All Export will send Zapier some information like the export file’s URL, the post types exported, the number of records in the export file, etc.

When creating your Zap you can set up filters so it only runs when a specific export is completed, or if this is an export of WooCommerce orders, or if it contains more than 100 records, or whatever you want.