The Structure of an Add-On for WP All Import

WP All Import Add-Ons are WordPress plugins that make use of WP All Import's Rapid Add-On API.

Here’s how to create a basic add-on:

1. Create a new WordPress plugin, and include the rapid-addon.php file.


Plugin Name: My First Add-On
Description: A super awesome add-on for WP All Import!
Version: 1.0
Author: Richard Wang

include "rapid-addon.php";

2. Initialize your add-on.

Create a new instance of the RapidAddon class. Pass your add-on’s name, and a slug to the class constructor. The slug should be unique to your add-on.

 $my_addon = new RapidAddon('My First Add-On', 'my_first_addon');

3. Add fields to your add-on.

 $my_addon->add_field('property_location', 'Property Location', 'text');
$my_addon->add_field('property_address', 'Property Address', 'text');

The code above will add two text fields to your add-on – one for Property Location, and one for Property Price.

4. Register your import function.

Each time WP All Import imports or updates a post, WP All Import will call this function and pass the post ID and the data to be imported to it.


5. Write your import function.

In this example, I’m just going to put the values of the two fields we created earlier in the postmeta table.

 function my_addon_import_function( $post_id, $data, $import_options, $article ) {
  global $my_addon;

  $fields = array(

  foreach ( $fields as $field ) {
    if ( empty( $article['ID'] ) or $my_addon->can_update_meta( $field, $import_options ) ) {
      update_post_meta( $post_id, $field, $data[ $field ] );      

6. Specify when your add-on runs.

        "themes" => array("Twenty Fourteen", "Twenty Fifteen")

The above code will make the add-on run when the Twenty Fourteen or Twenty Fifteen theme is active.

6. That’s all, you are done coding!

To see the add-on in action, install and activate this plugin, and do an import with WP All Import.

The add-on will appear in Step 3 of WP All Import as a box titled My First Add-On:

My First Add-On


Text Fields

Radio Fields

Image Fields

Nested Fields