Upgrade to WP All Import Pro for Advanced Features

WP All Import Pro is the most advanced XML and CSV import solution for WordPress. Read on to see the key features that are only available in WP All Import Pro.


WP All Import Pro makes it possible to easily import data from your XML or CSV file to fields that are specific to your theme or plugins.

An SEO plugin might have fields for keywords, page titles, and descriptions. A real estate theme could have fields for the property price, photographs, and number of bedrooms.

The technical term for these fields is “Custom Fields” or “post meta” – plugins and themes use Custom Fields to store data specific to their needs.

WP All Import Pro automatically detects the names of the Custom Fields used by your plugins and themes, so you don’t have to guess, ask the author, or look through the code.


WP All Import Pro adds the ability to use cron jobs to periodically update your imports with new data automatically.

WP All Import will check the XML or CSV file URL you specify for updates, and if it finds any changes, it will update, delete, and create posts according to your settings.

You can choose exactly which data to update, and which to leave alone. For example, maybe you have manually edited your product descriptions and want to only update your product stock levels and leave everything else as is.


WP All Import can download images from an external server and link them to your posts, or link images that you upload to your site to posts imported with WP All Import. Specify the URL or file names of the images, and WP All Import will add them to your posts’ Media Galleries, and optionally set the first one as your Featured Image. You can also import image meta: title, description, alt text, and caption.

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WP All Import Pro
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