Schedule imports to run automatically with cron jobs.

WP All Import makes it easy to schedule your imports to run automatically, on a pre-defined schedule, with cron jobs. WP All Import will check the URL you specify for the data file, and if it finds any changes, it will update, delete, and create posts according to your settings.

If there are new entries in your XML or CSV that weren’t present in the last import, WP All Import has an option to create new posts.

If some posts that were previously imported are no longer present in your XML or CSV, WP All Import can optionally delete those posts.

If some data in your file has changed (for example, your product prices or stock levels), WP All Import can optionally update the existing posts with the changed data.

You can choose exactly which data to update, and which to leave alone. For example, maybe you have manually edited your product descriptions and want to only update your product stock levels and leave everything else as is.