Import to theme & plugin custom fields.

Easily import data from your XML or CSV file to fields that are specific to your theme or plugins.

An SEO plugin might have fields for keywords, page titles, and descriptions. A real estate theme could have fields for the property price, photographs, and number of bedrooms.

The technical term for these fields is “Custom Fields” or “post meta” – plugins and themes use Custom Fields to store data specific to their needs.

Field Names Are Auto-Detected

WP All Import automatically determines what fields your plugins and themes are using to store their data, and shows you what their values should be.

For example, imagine you need to import posts with a checkbox field automatically checked. Are the possible values for that field 1/0, on/off, checked/unchecked, or yes/no? WP All Import automatically figures it out for you so you don’t have to guess.

Map & Translate Data

Map a certain value in your XML or CSV file to another value. For example, maybe your theme requires the value for a field to be Yes or No, but the value in your file is Y or N. You can use the mapping feature of WP All Import to map Y to Yes and N to No.

Or maybe you have two XML files containing products, and the product category names are slightly different. For example, one file has <category>Shoes – Men</category> and the other has <category>Men’s Shoes</category> – so you need to map Shoes – Men to Men’s Shoes to merge the categories together.

Technical Details: Full Support For Custom Fields, Custom Post Types, Custom Taxonomies

WP All Import can import to Custom Fields (post meta), Custom Post Types, and Custom Taxonomies. WP All Import can even import to serialized Custom Fields. And if your theme or plugin stores data in custom MySQL database tables, our API hooks let you import there as well.