This position has been filled.

Customer Support: $30 per hour and a minimum of 30 hours per week.

Our team is 100% remote and distributed across the world. We have team members in the US, UK, Thailand, India, Ukraine, and Romania. It doesn’t matter where you live or what time zone you’re in.

Your main responsibility will be to reply to customers asking for help with WP All Export and WP All Import. You need to love to help others and be able to keep it friendly even when dealing with difficult customers. You need to enjoy the whole process of turning anxious, confused, or angry customers into happy ones. You must be an excellent writer and 100% fluent in written English. We want our support replies to be friendly, easy to understand, and concise.


We are a small team, but we try to give everyone as much flexibility as possible. Flexibility means that you can work in the mornings, or the evenings, or both, or in the middle of the night, or whatever. It means you can take two weeks off to go on a trip. It means you can wake up and decide you don’t feel like working and take the day off without telling anyone.

It doesn’t mean you can work 50hrs one week and then 5hrs the next. It doesn’t mean that you can work two 15 hour days and then take the rest of the week off.


Our customer support reps are expected to perform the following tasks:

  • Respond to customer support inquiries.
  • Add to and improve documentation.
  • Aggregate user feedback and assist with roadmap decisions.
  • Reproduce bugs and test fixes.
  • Test development versions of WP All Import before release.

Minimum Requirements

Candidates must have the following knowledge and experience in order to be considered. Completing this application might take you a few hours and we don’t want to waste your time or ours. If you don’t meet all of the following requirements we will have to pass on your application.

Bonus Points

Experience with any of the following is a plus (in descending order of importance):

  • WooCommerce
  • ACF
  • Custom theme development
  • Plugin development
  • XPath
  • WordCamps, meetups, or other industry conferences
  • Working remotely as part of a distributed team

How To Apply:

This position has been filled.

Send an email to Use ‘Hiring – Customer Support’ as the subject of your email. Your email should contain the following information, divided into sections:

1. Relevant Skills & Experience

Write a paragraph introducing yourself, and another describing your experience with WordPress. Please describe and include links (if you have them) to your work that you are most proud of. If you don’t have any examples, just describe them as best you can.

2. Writing Samples

Please send writing samples in the body of your email – no attachments. For each writing sample, please include one or two sentences where you describe the assumptions you are making about the user and how that effects the information you are providing to them. The easiest way to stand out is to have succinct replies with links to documentation or a screenshot where helpful. The primary reason we pass on candidates is that their replies are too long, even if they are factually correct.



Question: A customer wants to import products but can’t figure out how to round the data in the price column of their import file to the nearest dollar.

Assumption: The user is already familiar enough with WP All Import to have tried an import, but they probably don’t know how to use PHP functions or that you can use them in an import. So, I’ll send them the function to use and documentation so they can learn more about how it works.


Hi Customer,

In order to round your product prices to the nearest dollar, you can wrap the price in the round() function, like this: [round({price[1]})]

You can read more about the round function here:

And you can read more about using functions in WP All Import here:


  • A customer wants to use WP All Export to create an XML feed from their WooCommerce products. They tried but can’t figure out how the custom XML templates work. Write back and explain to them how they can use WP All Export to create an XML feed that looks like this:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  • A customer has an Excel file and wants to know if WP All Import can import the data. You’ve looked at their spreadsheet and determined that WP All Import will be able to import the data.
  • A user says they ran a few exports and tried but can’t figure out how to export the user data they need. They want to create an Excel file with a column for the first name, one for the last name, and another for the email address.

3. Use WP All Import

Use WP All Import by creating a debug installation of WP All Import at and then import the following file as WooCommerce variable products. Include the login details for the /debug site in your e-mail. Import this file:


Write a PHP function and add it to the Function Editor. Pass the product color through your function – it should change:

‘Fish Blanket’ to ‘Shrimp Blanket’
‘Digi Plaid’ to ‘Sgt Bilko Brown’
‘Rasta’ to ‘Pasta’


What are your chances of getting this job?

If you fulfill the minimum requirements and do a good job with the writing samples your chances are very good. We want the writing samples to be clear, concise, and free of spelling and grammatical errors. The previous times we’ve posted this job the vast majority of applicants either got the answers wrong, made spelling errors, wrote long replies, or did not fulfill the listed requirements in some way.

This position has been filled.